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When I had my first walk-through consult with Amber, I knew that it was a perfect fit. She and I have a very similar aesthetic, only she wasn’t sure how to put it all together or what she even really needed for the space to make it as perfect as she always wanted. She wanted a cozy and homey feeling space that incorporated bright blue tones that she loved and rustic, industrial, traditional, transitional and even some boho and antique elements she had. Needless to say we were going to put together a gorgeous eclectic style space for her that brought in just the right amount of feng shui and warmth and all of the necessary design elements and principles to get the job done.

When you walk in the front door of Amber’s home, there was an especially long “hallway to nowhere” that needed some love. So we started off with a little paint, a white ceiling and a dark accent wall at the end of the hallway, made the space feel less cave-like and a little shorter in length. Then we brought in a photo feature wall along the one shorter wall that fit the long wall in scale. And finally we updated her runner rug to one that fit her color scheme as well as the scale of the space.

Once you enter the main space you’re greeted with open concept. Here we started off with the main living space, where we updated everything except the gorgeous blue couch she already had (and that I am still obsessed with). Bringing in lots of textiles and plants, and adding an open legged long and low industrial style entertainment center (for feng shui, homeyness, cozyness, and warth) were high on the priority list. We also had the mission to set the tone for mixed metals and mixed woods in this space that would carry throughout the rest of the spaces. The key to eclectic spaces is embracing the blend of styles, patterns, textures, colors, finishes, woods, metals, and style. When you embrace it and are strategic about your color scheme and balance, that’s when the magic happens.

Behind the living space was a long odd shaped space that Amber needed to be a multi-functional area. We decided it would be best to zone it into two spaces, separate from the living, with rugs. The office space was our first stop. It was the smallest of the three zones in this open concept room but we utilized the space in away to maximize her workspace and give her functionality and style.

The last of the three zones would be what came to be known as the “zen zone”. This is where she would entertain her nieces and nephews, as well as where she herself could curl up and read a good book. We also needed to find something to house her books and keepsakes without closing off the room or overpowering the space or stealing light. So, when we stubbled across this pair of three-sided glass hutches at world market we knew they were perfect. We finished off the space by styling her hutches, layering two rugs, hanging a set of sheer curtains and bringing in some life via a gorgeous faux fiddle leaf fig tree.

The Kitchen and Dining Space is where her home needed the least amount of work. She already had a great dining set, plant shelf, and bar stools, so the space just needed some new lighting, textiles, and accessories to finish it off. Priority for this space was to create a good harmony with the other spaces throughout the home as well as make it feel a bit more up to date. We carried in the same color scheme and feel from the rest of the spaces with lots of plants, plant motifs, natural textures, blues and greens. We also brought in a new dining chandelier which helped update the space and add to that transitional/eclectic/industrial/boho  feel we had created throughout the home.

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