Our first real home that we’ve owned has been my baby. As a designer, your personal home is sometimes a struggle. It’s like a moving carousel, constantly turning; evolving. Ever since we moved in, I’ve had this vision of what I wanted each space in our home to be. The colors, finishes, textiles, updates, furnishings, etc. And as we prepare to sell our home soon, it is finally everything I imagined. It’s bittersweet really, maybe a bit ironic, but it’s finally perfect. So I wanted to share a little walk through.


The exterior is one of my favorite scenes of our home. Especially in spring when the landscaping is so lush and green and the tree is so full that it makes our porch so private and pleasant.


Our front room. This room sets the tone for our home, with a blend of my husband and I’s styles. His being Rustic Modern and Mountain Modern Styles, mine being more Rustic, Farmhouse, Eclectic, Industrial, Traditional, and Contemporary. It’s hard to nail down just one or two as a designer, okay! haha. This room used to feature a bright yellow

accent wall, yes, bright yellow. And not a nice yellow, like a yellow that was stressful to look at. This is one space that has really “evolved”. We started with repainting the accent wall, then put in an heirloom bench, then a couple pillows for the bench, then added the shelf and patriotic decor it’s lined with, then the lamp, then the floor pillows, then the chairs, then more pillows for the chairs and the bench, and our last addition was a gorgeous throw rug. It only took us four years but it’s finally perfect and I’m loving every minute of it!


The star of our dining room is the table that Cade built us when we first got married. The top is made of barn wood from his families property, so this piece of furniture is near and dear to us. And it adds a natural, organic, rustic vibe that I just love! For staging I set the table with double layered plates, placemats, and grey linen napkins with a real wood napkin ring. The runner is a natural jute material and the centerpiece is a grouping of three plants in 2 dipped concrete pots and a light turquoise weathered ceramic pot (succulent, aloe vera, agave).


This space has had a transformation just recently as we added new cabinet hardware, new countertops and a new subway tile backspace. One of my favorite decorative pieces in this space is a custom cup rack I had made to mimic the look of an old milk bottle drying rack or spool holder with a more rustic modern flare.


The family room is a comfy & cozy space for us. Here were surrounded by eclectic trinkets like an antique fan, a variety of books, a cute ‘quote corner’ and and a ton of soft textures ranging from faux furs and knitted throws on our handmade blanket ladder to the wide assortment of pillows on the sectional sofa. It’s the perfect place to cuddle up after a long day and watch a movie together or curl up on Saturday to read a good book. Or get the friends and family together for movies and games. Its a mutli-functional space. Basically everything a family room should be.


I’ve been pretty obsessed with how this room has turned out. Cade built our head board and nightstands from scratch. And everyone who has seen the room has commented on their beauty. These pieces give a beautiful contrast to the Cappuccino White walls and Balanced Beige accent wall. And tie in nicely to the dark ceiling fan and curtain rods that draw your eyes upward in the room. All balanced out with crisp white trim/doors/ceilings, white bedding, white wall art, white curtains, and cream accent pillow (which ties in with the cream walls and bedside lampshades). To top it all off with just a tiny bit of color we have a bit of teal in a throw blanket and just a touch of the same color in the cream accent pillow. It’s been such a peaceful serene retreat for us. It’s light, airy, neutral, peaceful, and cozy while still incorporating the right balance of contrast, and color.


This room was made to be a nursery, though life is life and it ended up being a secondary guest room for us while we were in. This room started out with bright yellow walls, and a chalkboard wainscot, and the paint was very poorly finished. we updated the paint, the wainscot, the shelf and added a lot of fun and funky art paired with an heirloom quilt for a bit of rustic charm meets crafty eclectic vibe. One of my favorite art pieces in this room features a quote from Captain America, “I’m with you til the end of the line”, that’s become one of our ‘family mottos’ amongst others like “I love you forever and ever and always no matter what” and “no dying”. haha.


The room we call “the bead board room” used to have the ugliest shade of beige on the walls with one wall featuring a fun but overly youthful mural of surf boards we transformed into one of the most serene spaces in our home. With four foot bead board wainscot all the way around the room, a crafty and rustic barn-wood head board (another item my awesome hubby built) and fun feature wall and lots of color, this room is full of life and contrast but also makes you want to kick back and relax. As all guest bedrooms should.


The space where I go to find inspiration. Where I rake zen gardens, paint canvases, and pour over floor plans. And the place where one of my favorite chair hides (my husband hates it but I adore it, it’s flawed but has so much character). This room was once neon green with a bright purple accent accent wall. Now it wears a light Worldly Gray (greige) with a deep blue green Retreat accent wall for a bit of drama and inspiration.

All in all this home has been perfect for us and it’s bittersweet parting with it but we’re super excited to move onto this next chapter of our lives. Stay tuned for the big news!!!