Rylee’s Room

It’s so fun to do design work for your friends! I’ve known Emily & Rylee Matheson for years as they are the owners, choreographers, ring leaders, and basically family to me at the cheerleading gym I coach at in my free-time. And when Emily called me a week before Christmas wanting me to pull off a Christmas miracle for her daughter Rylee’s bedroom, how could I say no?

She had a good base, a bed with nice white bedding, a comfy she chair and a small console/buffett table where a television sat. So this project was a lot of artwork, accents, and textiles. Three words that make my heart flutter.

This is what we started off with.

Then with some new modern end tables, a wall shelf, a huge mirror, a rug, some curtains, some pillows, a throw blanket, some floral elements, a new lamp, a couple decorative accents, a lot of art, some repositioning of things, and a lot of design technique and strategy we transformed her space into this:

As we were on a budget, I designed and/or personalized a lot of the artwork myself. And then purchased one large print from Ikea and a few smaller prints from Etsy and printed them myself. We really wanted to design to feel light and airy but also cozy and organic. So I focused my decorating heavily on plants. Which is why we stuck with mostly a light neutral color pallet, majority of the artwork are succulent, cactus, and plant related, and majority of the decorative elements involve some sort of faux plants.

It was such a fun project, the first one ever that I have pulled off in six days and probably not my last, but so fun. And to see the look on my friends’ faces and know that they felt at home and at peace in their space now, is why I do this. This is why I love this.

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