When Sara, a past client called me with some news of some new and exciting life changes including buying a new home, I was eager and excited to be have the opportunity again to work with her, and on such a big project nonetheless. Though, at that time I did not know what I was getting myself into. It was a very exciting, very extensive job that I as a decorator and designer (and facilitator of a happy home) have grown from and learned from so much. I look back at the job, now finally completed after lot’s of late nights, sore feet, back orders, rush orders, flakey helpers, awesome teammates, countless calls/texts/emails/consults, over 100 miles on my car, over 30 different orders/shopping trips from at least 15 different vendors/shops, and what feels like a million unique problems solved efficiently, effectively, timely, and successfully. What an adventure it has been! I loved every second of it!

My husband, a contractor and handy man who can literally do anything and everything you ask him to typically without argument or complaint, who I employ for staging help and small custom build orders, is the best teammate a designer, wifey, woman, could ask for. Shout out to that awesome man and assistant of mine. He was with me every step of the way through the entire decorating/staging process for the reveal. There were a few times where it was clear that this sweet, gentle giant of man was wearing thin hanging photos and wall art, assembling furniture, building furniture and decor, and changing light bulbs, until the wee hours of the morning, and the excitement and passion of this job had me running around their home with throw pillows like a five year old with a sugar high. I am pretty sure he thought I was insane and to be honest passion is the only explanation because the week of the reveal we probably got 4-5 hours of sleep a night, if that, and I was still going. And he’s still with me, and ready for another project! Again, it really was an exciting adventure for everyone involved I think.
The look on the clients faces and words of joy and amazement they uttered, while being welcomed into their newly decorated home was the most rewarding part of the entire experience. Having clients be so happy, joyful, and at peace with their home is all I could ever want as a designer. That is why I do this.

So, the design…

We molded the design from both Sara’s and her husband JR’s tastes and visions, which were a little different, as most couples are. For the design we blended some rustic, modern, contemporary, traditional, and southwestern and industrial styles met with some dashes of bohemian and glam Then we took inventory of what they already had at their current home and what they were wanting to use from those items as well as what items we could possibly refinish or repurpose. We created mood boards and after a lot of back and forth, shopping, clarifying, and perfecting the design plan, we moved forward with the purchases for the decorative items.

Our four main goals were: 1. Create a warm & cozy atmosphere while still incorporating blues, and silvers, and greys, and avoiding too many warm colors (blush pink and coral being the exception in only their feminine spaces). 2. Marry all the different metals and woods together so it felt more effortless, 3. Marry all the clients different styles and color preferences together so it created more of a distinct contemporary eclectic style rather than looking like an identity crisis. 4. Make this new house feel like home to them and keep the budget down by incorporating as much of their own current belongings in to the design as possible but still make it feel like a brand new space.
The main floor turned out beautifully. We tied the colors of all the spaces together with matching rugs in the entry way and mud room. And we brought in warmth with more textiles, lighting, and plant-life/floral elements through out all the spaces. We personalized the spaces more by using as much of their old belongings as possible as well as hanging and setting up lot’s of their own photos.

Upstairs were their kid’s rooms. They have young twin girls who love to color and an almost preteen boy, named Boston, who loves the Boston Redsox and writing. We designed their dream rooms with all new everything including the paint and lighting. See them run in and jump onto their beds joyfully was a sight to see.

Next was the basement or should I say man cave. This was more of JR’s space, his style was more minimalist vintage but cozy in atmosphere. He wanted the space to be more entertaining as well; a place where his friends and family could come to watch the game.

All and all it was an incredible experience to get to know these clients and do their project. We all loved their home, and so did they. (Before and Afters below)

If you want a space you love, give me a call. I can help you get there.