There are two types of products that I always use in my design jobs and always will. When decorating, oftentimes peoples’ first thought is about furniture, and maybe wall color and even wall artwork. But then we’re left with this feeling like something is missing. And this is where you call me and I come in for a few hours and transform your space into something even more special. Well I’ll let you in on a little secret, these are two types of products that most people miss but every space needs.


Whether faux or real plants and floral, they add a living element and life to a space. This creates a warmer atmosphere. Not to mention adds a bit of color as well.


You can never have enough textiles. Whether it’s curtains, throw blankets, throw pillows, cushions, rugs, tapestries, etc. Textiles add a soft and cozy element to a space that in turn creates a warmer mood and atmosphere and encourages time spent in a room.

Every room needs these two easily forgotten elements. They are the unsung heroes of our spaces but once strategically implemented become beloved accents.