I have been a vegetarian of some kind for nearly fifteen years, and that being said I have had my fair share of veggie burgers. And also being said, I have found a few top notch options for veggie burgers at home and veggie burgers out to eat. So I figured I’d do a little review of four at home options and five out to eat veggie burger options.


I got to be honest, and it’s pretty obvious, as far as frozen veggie burger options I am a total Morning Star girl. Not everything of theirs is mind-blowing but more often than not they get it right.

First on the docket is the Morning Star Spicy Black Bean Burger, not really that spicy. It’s more of a mild zest than anything. And if you like to be able to actually see what you’re eating, the ingredients are more visible in this one. The amount of protein is good and it has a delicious tex-mexy type flavor. These are filling and go great with a bit of pico de gallo and guacamole. I have tried to make my own black bean burgers from home and these are just as good as they are with fresh ingredients and are more solid less brittle than homemade.

Next is Trader Joes Hi-Protein Veggie Burger. High in protein, filling, not so great in flavor. This one is pretty bland. The are good if you’re low on protein but that’s about all they’re good for on their own. You have to add so much sauce and toppings to make it worth eating. Which is quite surprising because pretty much everything I’ve ever gotten at Trader Joes has been incredible but there had to be one imperfect thing right?

Morning Star Mediterranean Chickpea is next. These are like the red headed step child of Morning Star (in my opinion of course). These are the only Morning Star Product that I have tried that I haven’t liked and I haven’t tried every single one of their products but I’ve tried a lot. But these just have a weird texture and a flavor that is sub par.

Last but not least, Morning Star Griller’s Prime. These are my absolute favorite. They are filling, they have a great texture, and they have a light smoky flavor. These are great whether you’re cooking on the stove or on the grill. I usually pair mine with some large butter head lettuce leaves as buns, some mustard, a slice of fresh tomato and a slice of fresh onion. If you want to get real crazy, you could add a pickle. These are so yummy, I can’t get enough.


If you live in Utah, the Thanksgiving Point Deli has a pretty dang good veggie burger. Great texture, comes on a made from scratch bun with lettuce, sprouts, avocado, tomato. Basically mouth watering.

Two other great veggie burgers come from Red Robin. They have a veggie burger, that’s extremely delicious, not the healthiest but drool-worthy. Then they also have the vegan burger which is just as good, though slightly more healthy. You can get either of their bugers “wedgie” style with lettuce as buns. And if you get the vegan burger patty with the veggie burger sauce and wedgie style it’s killer, decent macro nutrients and a lot of flavor.

And the final two come from Strap Tank in Springville. Like Thanksgiving Point, Strap Tank is also a Utah establishment. They have a black bean burger, that is made vegetarian style. And they have a vegan burger that has lettuce buns and hummus spread on it. Both are amazing, both are filling, great texture. They both have their own distinct flavors so they’re great if you decided to be a regular. Besides the restaurant has a great vibe but that’s neither here nor there, this is about the food.