I get questions occasionally about what we as a company consider our aesthetic to be. And my response is ORGANIC. Sometimes this can be confusing but to us, it’s who we are and so it’s quite simple. But, for those who are interested in learning more about what our aesthetic really is all about here’s a run down on what an organic aesthetic means to us.

Put simply, it is the utilization of natural elements in all of our designs.


We think every rooms needs a plant or two… or sometimes five. I am totally a plant lady. Joanna Gaines has this sweat shirt that says plant lady and I need it! because that is so me. I always make room in a design accessory budget for both real and faux floral, vases, and planters because the life, texture, and color a plant brings to a space is just amazing.


We think the elements of feng shui are important: water, fire, wood, earth, metal. Water features, candles, fireplaces, wood, plants, metal, mirrors, crystals, and stone are all feng shui friendly natural elements and can be used practically in any contemporary design trend.


If you know my background you know my design passion began working in a stone and brick showroom so of course I love stone and brick and use them in my designs as much as possible. They add a level of authenticity, and architectural interest that cant be beat.


Natural Light is high on our list. We emphasize and increase natural light as much as we can in our designs. Because artificial light is great and all but sunlight is invigorating, energizing, and oftentimes peaceful.

We love our organic aesthetic because it’s not style based, its life based, and whatever our clients style is we are able to conform our aesthetic to their style and make their home feel not only full of life, but specifically their own.