Welcome back to Monday Munchies! Several months back, my good friend “Veggie Lisa” released her Green Detox ebook. Of course, I own it now and today I am a couple days into my second round of it. My first time trying it was awesome. I’m not going to say it’s easy, because you body craves all the crap we put into it everyday the entire time, but there are some great recipes and options to supplement those cravings. Also it’s one of the least limiting cleanses I have ever done. It’s protein shakes and ALL YOU CAN EAT VEGGIES. So, basically my jam. This green detox leaves you feeling energized, less sluggish, and a few pounds lighter.

After my first round on her Green Detox, I had lost 5 lbs and all of my bloating leaving me feeling awesome about my appearance. But the greatest reward is the fact that I had more energy, and felt like I had more productive hours in the day which means the world to me as we’re building a house and I am balancing multiple clients. Being able to spend just three days doing a little something to work on my self, mentally and physically makes the world of difference.


In the ebook, she gives you a list of approved green veggies, and the recipes include vegan protein powders, coconut oil, and greens supplements from ideal raw. The Super Berry and Chocolate protein powders and the Greens and Super Foods mix ins are by far my favorite products. I add Syntha 6 Vanilla Ice Cream Protein and Melaleuca chocolate protein shake options to my list as well for variety. The Ideal Raw Vanilla get’s a little stale and chalky for me if it’s not loaded up with stuff that completely dilutes it’s flavor, so the Syntha 6 even though it does have a bit of sugar in it, has been a good replacement for me.

The Syntha 6 pairs perfectly with the lavender refresher, which is my favorite of the veggie protein shakes in the cleanse. And contrary to it’s name there’s no actual “lavender” in it. I gets it’s purple color tone from the blueberries in it. Oh, do I love blueberries!

Outside of protein shakes, Lisa provides her world renowned Green Goddess Soup Recipe. Follow the instructions! The first time I ever made this soup I didn’t follow the instructions perfectly and the leeks in it were way too strong. Serves me right. But if you follow the instructions, this soup is super yummy, super good for you, and great whether you’re cleansing or not.

In the book there are a variety of smoothie/shake options, the soup, and her almond milk recipe, as well as a list of approved veggies that you can eat as much as you want of! Which for the low price point is well worth every penny.