As another week comes to a close and another week begins we have much to catch you guys up on! This week was filled with progress on our home including the beam work being installed! Progress on Taura’s fireplace wall continued this week, and I finished work for my B&B project!


This week we finished up several items on our house and we actually got finished up for Four-Way! Finally I feel like I’ve been saying it’s right around the corner for months now and it’s finally that time! Four-way is really the turning point for every new build project because it’s when the guts and bones are all finished. Now we get to start on drywall and finish work and start to see things come together!

This week we finished:

  • Insulating out pipes for extra efficiency
  • Strapping our pipes
  • The last bit of framing and blocking
  • And last but not least THE BEAMS STARTED TO GO IN! Can you tell I’m excited about these?

We’re still figuring our stains. I have literally tried about 15 different stain options and haven’t found the perfect one yet so send prayers for my crazy perfectionist designer self. But my favorite thing about our beam work is the continuity and flow. We are staining every single piece of timber, beam, cabinetry (though we will have some paint-grade cabinetry), and wood/wood-look doors the same color. So not only is it going to create some amazing flow from exterior to interior and all throughout the interior itself. It is also adding this layer of authenticity. Our goal was to give the look that the timber work continued throughout the structure. So the timbers on the exterior look like they go up into the trusses, and flow through the cathedral ceiling in the great room, dining room, kitchen, entry, and master bedroom continuously.

Seeing this piece of the design we’ve worked so hard on come together is so special and rewarding for us!


More progress was made this week on Taura’s remodel. The new wall paint is on and the fireplace stonework began. We could not be more pleased with how it’s coming together!

Now to just get the stonework finished up, the fireplace mirror up and the new carpet and furniture in.


I had the opportunity over the last few months to updated my education in Drafting and Rendering software so that I can better service my clients and expand my skill set and I’m happy to say that I turned in my final this week! Honestly after being out of school for awhile I wasn’t sure how going to back was going to work and feel. I’ve learned though, that I actually love school! As long as I’m just taking a single class and not 18 credits and constantly pulling overwhelmed all-nighters like I did back when I was getting my bachelors, I really do love school. Especially when it’s something I am so passionate about, like Design!

For the final project we were given an existing property and had to find a client to create the design for. I chose a prospective client who wanted to build a home and Bed & Breakfast and was considering entering into the Salt Lake Parade of Homes. They wanted the home to feel like a pair of shotgun style pioneer houses that had been updated and connected by one central common space. And I think we accomplished just that.

We emphasized the character only pioneer homes once had and paired with more contemporary style casework, doors, windows, and appliances. Brick paver and real wood floors spanned the interior along with wood doors, cabinetry, and trimwork. All paired with Benjamin Moore White Dove Walls. Ceilings were plaster and followed the rooflines and truss work for extra character, leaving as much true and faux beam work and joists exposed as possible for authenticity.

I love how this project turned out!

All in all this week was long, but wonderful! We keep plugging away on a number of projects but getting that final done and beams in was a refreshing close to a couple chapters. Taking things day by day can sometimes be hard for me. I get so excited to see things I’ve envisioned come to life I can get a bit impatient. But every once in awhile something comes together, or I see an inspiration photo (like this one above) or a CAD drawing/rendering of some sort and I’m reminded it’s all worth the wait! Right?

Either way, we can’t wait to get more done this next week with Taura’s home, with our home, and with a couple other little projects so stay tuned you wont want to miss what comes next in our little life by design.

Until Next Week, With Love, Erica