It’s the end of another week and we have lot’s to catch up on. This week was Sage’s Birthday Week and we started a remodel for a new client.


Our pup Sage turned five years old this week and we celebrated out at the lot where we are most nights nowadays. I was able to run and go grab a couple toys and treats for her and she was ecstatic. I was even able to bribe her into taking a couple photos and I’m always reminded how photogenic this cute girl is.


This week on our home we finally finished things for four-way including our fireplace unit installation!

It’s been a long week at the house. We even had our date-night on Friday at the house where we at some yummy Japanese Take-out and celebrated the fireplace!


This Saturday we helped kick off a remodel for a client which started with demo-day. We demo’d her fireplace surround and mantel, stained and installed her new mantel and finalized the rest of the space’s design details for the final install. I can’t wait to show you her finished space but for now, here’s a before and after of the fireplace demo and new mantel.


We finished the week off with a delicious and uplifting Easter Sunday. Which included this Trifle, whose recipe I would have posted if it wasn’t a huge family secret.

All in all it was a great week, and we are wishing you and yours a Happy Easter and Passover.

Until Next Week, With Love, Erica