Good Evening Friends, and welcome to our new weekly post that I will be doing in place of my Monday Munchies posts and our house update posts. I figured it would be easier to give you weekly updates on our home, our projects, our recipes, and more.

Sorry, we’ve fallen off the radar a bit the past few weeks. I have been terribly sick for about two full weeks with some awful Strep/Sinus Infection Hybrid and with it being what I like to call “Selection Season” (the busiest season for new-build client home design selections) and our home is rocking and rolling so needless to say its been a little nuts. Thankfully I have the best hubby ever who concocted what came to be formally known as “Cade’s witched brew tea” for me almost every single day of my sickness, sometimes twice a day and basically when paired with a little Tylenol was an amazing cure all of my symptoms.

Cade’s Witches Brew Tea Recipe:

  • 1.5 cups of Boiling Water
  • 3 Tbsp Pure Organic Lemon Juice
  • 1 tsp Powdered Ginger
  • 1 Heaping Spoonful of Honey
  • Herbal Echinacea tea bag (brand of your choosing)

Next item to catch you all up on is last week we discovered the architect we got our house plans from (that we then customized into an almost completely new house in many ways) also sold the plans to a builder in Illinois, who when they finished the home posted it on their insta-stories so we got a mini walk through of a home very similar to ours.

Here’s a sneak peak of what our kitchen/dining area will roughly look-like. Though, we will totally different finishes, and a lot more fun details that you will have to stay tuned for. All of which changes I believe will make our home so much cooler than this one. But even so I loved seeing what the builder did with the plan and their selections were still aesthetically pleasing, for sure.

In fact some of the selections in this home reminded me of one of the schemes I helped a cute couple put together a couple weeks ago (photo below).

Coming Along

Lastly, check out our insta-stories highlights on my elles-designs page to see our progress on “Our House”. After several weeks of moving slower than planned, we only have a couple more items until 4-way inspection. After that comes drywall and then finishes! My favorite!

We are finally all dried-in and the trades are finishing up.

This week we will be:

  • Installing our fireplace
  • Finishing the last bit of electrical wiring to our can lights and vent hood
  • Final walk-through and finishing touches and clean up before 4-way

Crossing our fingers that this week goes smoothly.

Until next week, with love, Erica.