As another week comes to a close and another week begins we have much to be grateful for and much to catch you guys up on! This week was filled with a couple segments of some projects & stains, stains, stains!


Like I briefly mentioned on the last post, the beams throughout out home interior and on our exterior patio will all be the same style and have the same stain. This will also be the same stain on our cabinetry (kitchen island, laundry, pantry, bathrooms) and our front door, office side door, and garage doors. That being said its a HUGE Deal! HUGE! The photo above was my inspiration for stain. However it’s actually just clear coated American Black Walnut. The wood naturally looks this amazing. So I’m faced with how to make a different wood, that’s not quite as high end, look this high end, and coordinate with every single other thing we have in the design.


So after nearly 12 different stain samples we found an option that’s really close! But it’s not quite perfect and if you know me or have been one of my clients you know that with every single project I am a perfectionist! Whether it’s my home or someone else’s.

So now we look at customizing or making other changes. Like I said, these beams are so important!


Taura’s project continued this last week and we got the fireplace all finished up! Reda Stone Masonry did a great job for us. We used the Echo Ridge Alpine Pro-fit Ledgestone with a darker contrasting tile for the hearth. The Mantel that we installed the week previously was stained a Nuetral Golden Oak tone.

We loved how it turned out!


It’s selection season! And with that comes a lot of selection clients. This past week I met with a lovely couple who I helped with both their interior and exterior selections. I can’t wait to see how it turns out for them!

Thanks for playing catch up with me on our little life by design. This week is one of my life-long best friends wedding’s in North Carolina. And I can’t wait to tell you all about our adventures there.

Until Next Week, With Love, Erica