We moved into our new home just in time for Christmas. And whether you’re into going all out or keeping it simple for the holidays I hope our home provides some inspiration and if nothing else some holiday cheer.

Our tree was passed down to us by my hubby, Cades mom. It was originally a 2-piece 12 foot tree. Our ceilings are tall in this new home but they’re not that tall. So we had to re-engineer this tree closer to 10-11 feet so that it would fit.

Our ceilings in our old home could only fit the top half of this tree which came out to about 6 feet tall. So all of the ornaments and etc. were specific to the scale of a smaller tree in size and quantity. So we’ve had to get creative this year and start building a new scheme for Christmas in this home

We decided used what we had that would work, repurposed some of the really tiny stuff in cloche’s and whatnot, and then built on that to add for this year‘s tree.

That includes some of my favorite things about this tree.

I searched through all of my excess inventory of décor from events, decorating jobs, etc. and found these giant moss balls and smaller twine balls from our wedding. Which makes me so happy because every time I’m able to use these it reminds me not only of that day but also gives me the pleasure of knowing these items were an investment. 7 years of marriage later and I still find places to use these beauties. And even better, I found three gorgeous moss/twine ornaments almost the same size of the bigger moss balls that blended and tied everything in very nicely.

Also from my décor storage, I found few iron orbs from our old home to add that hint of industrial and mixed metal vibe I love so much.

Instead of your typical shimmery sprigs are used some faux eucalyptus stems, this fit the organic aesthetic of our home a little better then glammed up sprigs.

For ornaments, on our old tree with used gold and silver and so we continued that on this one. I had to let the tiniest ornaments from the old tree but I used the medium sized ones on this tree and then bought a new set of larger ones to fill in and fit the scale better.

Then, I have 8 of these pretty and varied, bark ornaments I picked up at Urban Renewal (which is one of my favorite vintage shops on the planet) in St. George last year at their after Christmas sale. They add to the organic vibes as well.

And lastly on the tree subject, I love the new wood bead garlands that are in right now and I was going to go pick some up that I liked from target and elements in Spanish Fork but I waited too long and they sold out fast. BUT, happy accident, I then got this drive to just make some of my own. And they turned out so pretty and so much more interesting and eclectic than any I have ever seen. And the multi-tone and multi-texture fits the color and feel better than our home. I pieced them together with some twine and a few multi-packs of wooden beads from Walmart. I sorted them, created a relative pattern and after many hours, my creation came to life and the garland is perfect!

Next on the docket, let’s talk nativity. So this nativity I have piecing together every holiday season since Cade and I have been married and this year my sweet Mother in law gave us a piece I’ve been eye balling forever for it: the heralding angel.

She’s beautiful, she’s covered in detailed carvings of suns and moons and stars. I adore her!

And then there’s the rest of the styling throughout the home. Simple stockings, Christmas stones in our entry, a little island styling, and styled top-shelves on our main kitchen wall.

Simple and earthy that’s how we like it in the Sargent home. And Christmas really does feel like the best time of year because it gives us all an excuse to put a monsterous tree in our home as a focal point. Anyways, I hope this gives you some good inspiration.

And let us not forget what the holiday season is really about: Gratitude, Charity, and Love. We want you all to know that we are especially grateful for you and all your support to us. And we hope that we can continue to bring you good content!