We’ve done the Christmas tour, and now for our first “pick your post” we are doing the Feng Shui Tour for Our Home.

Now let me preface this by saying I am not a Feng Shui master, just an interior designer that likes a lot of the ideas behind Feng Shui. Did you know there are several elements of Feng Shui that have been scientifically proven to help the human psyche amongst other things? Fascinating!

For instance, in Feng Shui, Low sitting open legged furniture and open space planning that allows energy to flow throughout the space efficiently. It also helps with circulation of air throughout your home which directly relates to how much you’re spending on utilities.

Another item is no mirrors or televisions in the bedrooms for a variety of reasons. Which is actually proven to improve sleep.

And a couple interesting exterior items in Feng Shui are proximity to the street, to other homes, and to power lines. Distance from neighbors and roadways is proven to increase inhabitants feelings of safety, security, and privacy and distance from power lines is directly linked to health issues such as cancer, childhood leukemia, and brain function.

It’s important to know that there are a lot of different types of Feng Shui, and a lot of different philosophies to go along with it. My favorite part about Feng Shui is its prioritization of incorporation of nature as well as being in harmony with the elements as it regards to ones home and most importantly bringing peace to ones home. A home needs to feel safe and serene.

Feng Shui helps you improve how a space feels.

For our Feng Shui Home Tour I figured we will start from outside in. For the exterior, we don’t have much of our landscaping in so there’s still a lot of room for improvement but there were a few things that we made sure of.


  • First, we chose a lot with incredible unobstructed views, close proximity to the lake.
  • We added, enlarged and customized windows to our house plan to make sure to soak up all the beauty around us and bring the outside in.
  • The Water feature… we have a slow bubbling boulder water feature to the north in the center of our circle style driveway.
  • We positioned our home on the lot that distanced us from the road. Not only is it safer for our dog and future kids, but there is less noise, more privacy, safety and security.
  • We chose a house plan that gave us plenty of room to breathe on our lot and a decent sized side yard on either side of the home. We have space from the neighbors and on one side a rock wall separating the properties, on the other side a rock wall, fence, and soon to be trellis.
  • And then, it just so happened that the way our home faces is due north so it lays out perfectly on a bangua map


Moving interior, the entry of our home is in the Water sector, and so what do we do to enhance water? Add water, and symbols of water.

  • Round items and mirrors symbolize water, so we went with a round mirror for the entry.
  • The top of the Console Table table is also a mirror. You typically don’t want mirrors that face each other but perpendicular is okay.
  • Black is a color symbolic of water, so we went with a black mirror frame, black table frame, and black wooden key/coin bowl/tray.
  • On the entry table we also have a small bowl of water.
  • And of course the water feature right out the front door on the exterior.



So how to enhance the wood area? Add wood, or water.

  • When you add actual wood, it’s supposed to be living, because in nature these are living forces. And you don’t want to incorporate too much earth so plants that can live in just water or natural stems a blooms in water. So I have several vases with living greenery. I love eucalyptus, myrtle and ruscus of I have those stems in vases on or desk.
  • The color green is symbolic of wood so we have a green pillow in office chair and a faux fiddle leaf fig, and some faux hanging plants, which brings in lots of green.
  • And then, like the entry we have another small bowl of water in this room.

Kitchen, Dining, Living

Moving into our main common space. This one was a little tricky because its fire, and thats not really my vibe. But same thing applies, how do we create fire? Wood right? so to enhance Fire we can add both Wood & Fire.

  • The majority of the color scheme in our home is based off of light neutrals and a sage green, so we already were bringing in plenty of green to symbolize wood. But the other “color” in our color scheme was a soft Red-Orange accent which plays into fire as well.
  • And then of course all of our furniture is open legged for good air/energy flow.

Master Bedroom

This area is Earth, parts of it are also the area of the rooster if you’re going off of the map and philosophy that incorporates animals.

  • So in this area, water is a no-no. So we have none.
  • We also have no mirrors and no television which is supposed to improve sleep patterns and relationships.
  • We brought in lots of Brown Earthy tones through the stains in all of our non-living wood furniture and architectural details.
  • The White & Cream are also good colors to use in this space, so our bedding and walls fit the space really well.
  • Taupe is an earth tone, so we brought those tones in our rug and lumbar pillow.
  • And then just as a fun nod to Feng Shui, I sketched a little Rooster that now adorns the wall of our bedroom hall/niche.

I can’t even explain how incredible our home feels. I wake up and it feels like a dream. I know it sounds cheesy but our home doesn’t only look great but it FEELS great. And that’s a big part of Feng Shui, improving how a space feels.

You don’t have to be a Feng Shui master to dabble and try to improve the feeling of your space. And there’s probably some Feng Shui expert reading this and shaking their head at me. But I’ve always loved an organic aesthetic I’ve always believed bringing plants and green into your space makes a huge difference to your mood. And I’ve always believed that peace and security and serenity in ones home is the top priority! So I am a Feng Shui dabbler! And highly recommend everyone be at least that.