Bedding Pillow Schemes can be a tricky topic. You have to consider color, texture, pattern, scale/sizing, quantity and layout. But we thought we would help out with that by giving you a few pointers.

First let’s talk scale/sizing, quantity, and layout, I put together this diagram that shows what pillows we would recommend per each size of bed. For kings, I am a big fan of three Euro pillows as the base, layered with two king size pillows, and then come the accents and we have three favorite variations. Queens, Fulls, and Twins with upholstered head boards or head boards with a lot of detail you want to show off, you can leave the Euro’s out if desired. There are three variations of Queen and Full options and two twin options below as well.



Next items to consider are color, pattern, and texture. I am a big fan of a light neutral base majority color for the bedding and then dress it up with your pillows. I chose to bring in the color with the Euros, texture with a 20X20 accent pillow and pattern with my lumbar. You can incorporate them any way you want, or however works for you, you just want to make sure you incorporate all three.


There’s no exact science to styling your bedding and pillows but we hope our favorites have given you some inspiration.